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To our New lildoxis Home
If you are inquiring about a pet puppy from one of our litters, please understand we breed first and
foremost to produce the next generation of show puppies. Because so many people want a pale English
Cream or Red Smooth female, they can be more difficult to supply.  Not that they aren't available, just
understand they are often in the greatest demand. This being said, you may want to consider a boy (male),
as they make equally fantastic (better in my opinion) pets after they are neutered. If you  find you must have
a female, you should consider placing a pre-born deposit on a female puppy. Please keep in mind that our
lildoxis will remain here until at least 12 weeks of age.

Regarding Price: The dachshund is a breed that typically lives 12-20 years, so excluding any unforeseen
illnesses, you are buying a lildoxis companion that will be enjoyed for many wonderful years to come.
Because of the investement we put into our dogs to ensure their good health, we are not interested in selling
them for reduced prices. You may find puppies cheaper elsewhere, but honestly, if you are looking for a
cheaper puppy and are not interested in our health/temperament guarantees,we suggest you look elsewhere.

That being said, occasionally there are older puppies we've been holding onto for a variety of reasons.
If/when we decide to sell those puppyies (young adults), it is often at a special price.

...Just a few helpful hints in your search for the next lildoxis miniature dachshund friend

Breeding AKC Champion Dachshunds for Soundness of Mind and Body,
Type and Structure Since 1995

Many people do not like the emphasis placed on color, but we happen to have fallen head over heals with
the excellence of the English Cream miniature dachshund. The information contained within this page is
simply information,  not meant to place a special or rare status on color, but rather to educate puppy
people on the temperament and/or qualities of true type English Cream miniature dachshunds. Our
primary focus in selecting a miniature dachshund for our breeding program is their conformation and
temperament. That is why we take great effort in selecting our dams and sires, who are the future of our
Vom Daxi Haus lildoxis. Color can always be bred into a line, however you must first start with excellent
A true type English Cream miniature dachshund ranges anywhere in color from golden to a yellowish
/strawberry blonde. They should always have black noses, with the exception of the Chocolate and
Creams where it is acceptable to have a diluted nose,  as with the Chocolate miniature dachshunds. They
can have black or self-colored nails and should have exquisite black lines around their eye rims, except
again for the Chocolates. Most creams are of English descent, hence the term "English Cream
Dachshund".  True English creams trace back to British imports, which are shown on our pedigrees.
Cream is a recessive gene, so both parents must have or carry the cream gene to produce Cream pups.
The term American Cream has come to describe cream dachshunds which are not of  English descent,
but appear to be cream. These dogs may or may not be true English Creams (double ressesive). Some
dogs labeled as cream may be recessive red or "e-red" dachshunds which darken with age. True Cream
dachshunds (English Creams) get lighter as they age. Check with the breeder of the puppy when in
doubt. If a dachshund has these characteristics, they may be a true English Cream. As previously stated,
the recessive cream factor in the English Cream dachshunds is referred to as a "Double Chinchilla
Factor" (also a "double recessive" or "double dilute" or "EE"). The chinchilla factor only acts on the
red color.  It does not act on the black or the Chocolate. That is why we often see Black/Cream
dachshunds and Chocolate /Cream dachshunds.  Dogs are referred to as American Cream dachshunds
due to a different dilution factor than the chinchilla-factor. Many believe it is the blue dilution factor that
affects black (for blue) and chocolate (for isabella) and that this dilution will also affect the base coat of
red.  Please understand we are a show breeding home, and our first goal is always to produce a sound
miniature dachshund worthy of the show ring. Our puppies will be graded at 12 weeks of age. All lildoxis
are offered to a pet home with a strict spay/neuter agreement. This means you will not receive AKC
papers until we receive confirmation that your new lildoxis has been spayed or neutered. Those puppies
we believe to be of top show quality will be held here at Vom DaxiHaus, shown to their AKC title and will
then be placed as pets only. We will no longer offer any lildoxis to a Breeder/or show home. We ask you
to understand we are sensitively aware of the cost/time/efforts associated with showing our English
Cream miniature dachshund to its finished AKC title. With this being said, we offer your family an AKC
champion spayed or neutered pet. We appreciate your desire to own one of our Vom Daxi Haus

Sincerely, the Jacqulyn Waggoner family
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CH A DevineConnex Vom Daxi Haus
Sire: Ray O Creamsunshine Vom Daxi Haus MLC
Dam:Teckelwood Charlo at Triniti
PRA cord 1 CLEAR (Progressive Retina Atrophy)
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CH Starbuck's Latte Vom Daxi Haus MLC
Sire: Ray O Creamsunshine Vom Daxi Haus MLC
Dam: Bellas Barelybebe Vom Daxi Haus MLC
PRA cord 1 CLEAR (Progressive Retina Atrophy)
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Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale English Cream Doxie Breeder Wisconsin minitaure dachshund Pups
Vom Daxi Paket (monthly $45)
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Each Vom Daxi Paket comes with enough Hundefutter
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CH Zarcrest Ice Commander Zarah Boyle Breeder of
CH Te Whaanau Marama Vom Daxi Haus
Sire: CH Whangarei
Dam: Acem-Pass Christian Vom Daxi Haus SL
Congratulations "Pepe" new AKC Champion
Thank you Marietta Singleton for leading "Pepe" through his
AKC CH Title finish
CH Zarcrest Ice Commander
Sire: Polinard Mill Of Fortune For
Dam: Zarcrest Black Classic
AKC Smooth english black and cream dachshunds
CLV Talk Bout Me Vom Daxi Haus
Sire: CLV White Lightning MSC
Dam: CLV Talk Of The Town MLCC
CH PeppermintSchnapse Vom daxi Haus
Sire: CH Zarcrest Ice Commander
Dam: Mon Petite Peppermint Vom Daxi Haus ML
Congratulations "Comet" AKC Champion
our first Bred by Standard Dachshund
Thank you Marietta Singleton for leading our Commy through his AKC CH Title finish
CH Sarene Commander Vom daxi Haus
Sire: CH Zarcrest Ice Commander
Dam: CH SareneCream Vom Daxi Haus CR ML
Sarene Commander Vom Daxi Haus MLC
Whoot Whoot Champion "Earl"
now has 15 pts with, Three 4 pt Majors
Thank you Marietta Singleton for handling "Earl"
Mini Dachshund Puppies For Sale English Cream Doxie Breeder Wisconsin minitaure dachshund Pups
A quality breeder is one who thoroughly studies pedigrees, possesses a keen eye, and has the confidence to go
with their gut instincts. While many self-proclaimed experts advise and judge others with their own
personal/political agendas, quality breeders have the steadfast courage, vision, and determination to make the
choices necessary to better the breed. Deb Mullens Stuckey is one of these quality breeders.
After extensively going through pedigrees with a fine-tooth comb, Deb chose to breed two English Cream/Cream
carrying miniature dachshunds, from Jacqulyn Waggoners lines at Vom Daxi Haus. Deb felt a litter from these
two would produce a superb puppy she could take into the show ring and win an AKC Championship.
The litter produced a lovely English Cream miniature dachshund, Brightstar Sequoyah Vom Daxi Haus MLC, or
Koi, that Deb hoped to be her first bred by AKC Champion. Koi was introduced to the show ring, and quickly
earned his points for an AKC Champion title; Debs first bred by owner Champion miniature dachshund.
Congratulations to Koi and Deb Mullens Stuckey on your first bred by AKC Championship title! Youve
demonstrated the courage, vision, and determination to be referred to now as a respected quality breeder of
English Cream miniature dachshunds. We sincerely hope this is the first of many, as you continue to work
tirelessly to better the breed. We are so Proud to be your friend.
Congratulations "KOI" new AKC Champion
Special thanks to a great breeder Deb Mullens
Stuckey for believing in my lines. Read about
this great breeder belo
Congratulations "Pepe" new AKC Champion
Thank you Marietta Singleton for leading "Pepe" through his
AKC CH Title finish
Congratulations "Pepe" new AKC Champion
Thank you Marietta Singleton for leading "Pepe" through his
AKC CH Title finish
I Think Thrs a SquatchVom Daxi Haus MLBC
Peppermints Eli Vom Daxi Haus ML